Album: Kiss the Goat DEMO (2017)

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Song: Kiss the Goat

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Disintegrator is an extreme metal band hailing from central Illinois, USA with roots in old school technical death metal, and thrash.

Disintegrator will melt your face off after hearing the sick, twisted growls and tortured screams with blistering riffs and shredding guitar leads. With lyrics about war, corruption, anti-consumerism, depopulation, addiction, disease, cannibalism, human extinction, and world destruction; Disintegrator is sure to fuck your mom.

After winning the battle of the bands at Full Terror Assault 3, Disintegrator has just finished recording their first full length album for release in 2018! Disintegrator will also be playing some local and regional shows while finishing up writing for their second release before performing on the Disintegrator stage at full terror assault 4!!!